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Commemorating Four Years of Sacrifices in Syria

On the one-year anniversary of Mohammad Bouazizi's self-sacrifice that sparked uprisings across the Arab world, we reiterated our commitment as a national Arab-American organization to "put the principles of freedom, human rights, democracy, equality and dignity AHEAD of any individual differences."

Four years later, on March 15, the date that marks the beginning of the uprising in Syria, we stand with the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom from all forms of authoritarianism, whether from the Assad regime, ISIS or any other groups.

83% of lights out across Syria since March 2011 - #WithSyria

The past few years have been extremely difficult across the Arab world, and we all have a role to play to empower our people in their time of need - from Tunisia and Libya to Egypt, Palestine and Syria to Iraq, from Bahrain to Yemen and beyond.

As we said back in 2011, "we do recognize this isn't always the most popular thing to do; "selective freedom", however, whether for political access and interest, or for comfort and convenience, is inconsistent with our vision, mission and aspirations."

Support and solidarity takes many forms - stay tuned in the coming months for many efforts to learn from, support and contribute to those struggling for a better world. In the meantime, consider a donation to organizations (Karam Foundation, Islamic Relief USA, Palestine Children's Relief Fund) that have done amazing work for Syria and beyond.

Thank you,
Network of Arab-American Professionals.

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