Support & Discrimination Related to Unfolding Events in Boston

//Support & Discrimination Related to Unfolding Events in Boston

Support & Discrimination Related to Unfolding Events in Boston

Dear members & friends,
While we all continue to support those affected by Monday’s tragic Boston Marathon bombings and the unfolding pursuit of the perpetrators, many members of the Arab and/or Muslim community, or those perceived to be a member of these communities, are being discriminated against and/or abused by misinformed and angry individuals.

We condemn any act of discrimination and are working with local and national Arab-American & Muslim organizations with the legal knowledge and expertise to provide support to any individuals with complaints of discrimination and/or abuse.

Whether an incident of discrimination occurs in the workplace, streets or schools if you or anyone you know is believed to be the victim of discrimination and/or abuse, please contact us immediately.

Additionally, if you are contacted or approached by law enforcement officials please know that you do have the right for an attorney to be present with you. If you are not comfortable with speaking to law enforcement without an attorney present, please make your intention known that you would like to contact an attorney before proceeding.

As a community, we will not accept fear mongering nor discrimination, and will do what we can to protect and aide those who are in need.


The Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP)

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