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Here is a sampling of NAAP news and articles covering the activities and initiatives from around the network.

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  • مهرجان عربي شامل يعرض الجميد الأردني وأوراق البردى المصرية في أمريكا . Al Dustor. July 10. [NY]
  • Secretary DeVos: Respect Plyler and Protect Immigrant Children. The Leadership Conference. May 29. [National]
  • How significant is rejection of MENA category from the 2020 US census? The Arab Weekly. March 4. [National]



  • Plan to Add MENA Category in US Census Draws Mixed Response. The Arab Weekly. November 20. [National]
  • Anxiety in Arab-American Heartland as US Election Draws Near. The Arab Weekly. November 6. [National]
  • Muslim American Women Talk About Raising Hate Speech and Islamophobia Ahead of the US Presidential Elections. Anadolu Images. October 26. [National]
  • Arab Americans and Muslims Watching the Debate Will Use #NoBigotry to Call Out Bias. The Telegraph. October 19. [National]
  • Arab Americans a ‘Swing Constituency’ in US Presidental Elections. Middle East Eye. March 14. [National]
  • The Past Makes the Present – ‘A Thousand and One Journeys’ discusses Arab-American role in U.S. history. March 2. [Toledo]
  • Groundbreaking Documentary Tells the Untold Story of the American Dream. Toledo City Paper. Feb 1. [Toledo]


  • A Refugee’s Story: From War in Syria to Poverty in the US.Telesur. Nov 4. [National]
  • Starting Life From Zero: Syrian, Iraqi Refugees Begin Again in South Florida. Newsweek. Oct 31. [National]
  • Islamic Center focuses on Syrian refugee crisis. Washington Square News. Oct 13. [NY]
  • Advocates call on New York to admit Syrian refugees. New York Nonprofit Media. Oct 13. [NY]
  • Call grow to for U.S. to welcome more Syrian refugees. WNYC News. Sept 13. [NY]
  • Help my people, let more ware refugees settle here: A Syrian American’s message to Washington. Democracy Now. Sept 9. [National]
  • The Dean Obeidallah show: Syrian refugee crisis, political correctness killing comedy and more. SiriusXM. Sept 8. [National]
  • The US must do more to help Syria. Step one: let more refugees resettle here. The Guardian. Sept 4. [National]
  • Muslim Americans are split over the Iran deal. The Daily Beast. July 15. [National]
  • Arab-Americans Volunteer on the National Arab-American Service Day. Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. May 17. [National]
  • NAAP President Sarab Al-Jijakli discussing Arab-Americans and NAAP. The Bridge. ART America. March 27. [National]


  • The U.S. Census Is Trying To Get A More Accurate Count of Arab Americans. Five Thirty Eight Politics. Nov 24. [National]
  • Annual NAAP-DC Picnic Draws Community Members Together. Arab American Voice. Nov 5. [DC]
  • Lobbying for a “MENA” Category on U.S. Census. USA Today. August 14. [National]
  • Arab Americans seek a new place on the Census form. AAJA Voices. August 13. [National]
  • Arab-Americans take on hate. Waging NonViolence. July 19. [National]
  • NAAP-DC Reaches Out. Arab American Voice. July 1. [DC]
  • Save Syria’s Children April 7 Benefit. Hudson Mod. June/July. [NY]
  • Islamic Relief USA, Charities Feed the Hungry on Arab-American Service Day. Arab American Voice. June 17.[DC]
  • “We’ve Got Talent” event. Toledo Blade. June 8. [Toledo]
  • Arab-American arts exhibit aims to bring people together. Toledo Faith & Values. June 4. [Toledo]
  • US Muslims, Arabs Want 9/11 Film Edited. April 25. [National]
  • Standing #WithSyria. KTVU Part 1Part 2. March 13. [SFBA]
  • Arabs, Others Feel Overlooked, Undercounted. The Blade. January 21. [Toledo]


  • Rediscovering “Little Syria” After the Storm Passed. Al-Jazeera America. October 27. [NY]
  • Los Angeles Arab-American Groups Join Forces for a Networking Event. Beirut Times. October 15. [LA]
  • NAAP-DC Annual Picnic – 2013. HalaAmerica. October 14. [DC]
  • Forgetting “Little Syria” at 9/11 Memorial. Al Jazeera. August 2. [National]
  • Jets’ Aboushi Faces Aspersions for Being Palestinian. NY Times. July 13. [National]
  • An Arab Cultural Turn for a Block in Manhattan. NY Times. July 4. [NY]
  • Arab-Americans Discover Forefathers in Little Syria. Al Monitor. June 11. [National]
  • US Arabs, others engage in national service day. Associated Press. May 11. [National]
  • A New Year’s Eve Hafleh Raises Funds for Birzeit University. Washington Report. March. [National]
  • Arab American Experience with Bassem Youssef. AMERICA IN ARABIC. February. [National]


  • NAAP-DC and PITAPOLICY Host Panel on Media Freedom. Washington Report. July. [National]
  • As Turmoil Rages at Home, Pan-Arab Unity in NYC. Voices of NY. July 13. [NY]
  • Arab-Americans: Networking, Volunteering, Empowering. Peace X Peace. June 14. [National]


  • Arab-American Democracy Initiative Meeting Challenges. IIP Digital. [National]





  • Syrian-Americans: The Identity Balancing Act. Forward Magazine. December 30. [NY]
  • NAAP team up in conference on political, social challenge. Kuwaiti News Agency. November 19. [National, NY]



  • Arab Americans Give Back to Their Country. Washington Report. December. [National]
  • Arab American TV Show Wins Popularity in Mideast, U.S. Washington File. [National, DC]
  • Palestinian Dreaming: Resistance and Joy. NY Times. December 2. [NY]


  • NAAP Conference Seeks to Empower Arab-American Community. Washington Report. December. [National]
  • Our Voices Must be Heard! Arab GOTV! ARAMICA. October 31. [NY]
  • Arab-Americans turning away from Bush. NBC News. September 22. [National]
  • Sweet Home [Watany Habibi]. AL-AKHBAR. August 17. [NY]
  • NAAP’s Second Annual Festival a Huge Success. ARAMICA. July 27. [NY]
  • The Annual Arab-American Festival. Arab Voice. July 17. [NY]
  • NAAP Networks Nicely. ARAMICA. March 17. [NY]
  • NAAP-NY Presents Aramica with Community Achievement Award. ARAMICA. March 2. [NY]


  • Arab-Americans Becoming an Increasingly Stronger Political Force. Voice of America. December 3. [National]
  • NAAP Networks for Palestine’s Children. ARAMICA. December 2. [NY]
  • Recruiting Arab-American Voters. Gotham Gazette. November 3. [NY]
  • Muslims, Arabs and the Government. ARAMICA. July 10. [NY]
  • Summer and the City BBQ. ARAMICA. July 10. [NY]
  • Algerian Independence Day Cultural Festival. ARAMICA. July 10. [NY]
  • Uniting Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. NAAP’s First Conference. ARAMICA. February 13. [National]
  • Young Arab-Americans Celebrate in Style. ARAMICA. January 20. [NY]
  • A Gathering of Arab-American Comedians (First Comedy Show). Arab-American Business Magazine. January 3. [NY]


  • Williamsburg Bridges Palestine Exhibit Closes. ARAMICA. December 1. [NY]
  • NAAP Volunteers to Build Habitat Homes. ARAMICA. October 20. [NY]
  • NAAP Holds its Monthly Meetings. ARAMICA. October 20. [NY]
  • We Belong to NY & NY Belongs to Us. 9-11 Memorial. ARAMICA. September 11. [NY]
  • Grilling and Chilling. ARAMICA. July 17. [NY]
  • Arab-Americans Discuss Life Since 9/11. Reston Connection. June 17. [DC]
  • Aiming for a National Unified Movement. Washington Report. April. [National]


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