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NAAP Has Elected a New NAAP Board!

National – NAAP's National Assembly, made up of representatives from across the network has elected the 2016 NAAP-National Board of Directors!

The new Executive board includes the following NAAP leaders: Tarek Abu-Jbarah, previously National Treasurer has been elected President. Shaymaa El-Ansary and Safia Ghanim have been elected to the VP and Secretary positions respectively after serving as Board Members in 2015. Additionally, Emery Younes, one of the key leaders of the NAAP-LA chapter, joins the Executive team has Treasurer.

“This is an important election as it represents a transition from the first to the 2nd generation of leadership of the national organization,” said founding President, Sarab Al-Jijakli. “I couldn’t be more excited for what the leadership has in store for the coming year.”

Long-time key contributors, 2015 Vice President Eman Ahmed-Fakhry, board member Lara Shbeyr, Rashad Al-Dabbagh and Shukry Cattan will continue to be involved in NAAP – on the local level, through the various National initiatives, or in advisory roles.

Veterans Said Durrah, Joanna Beituni, Ridah Sabouni and Sarab Al-Jijakli will continue to serve on the Board and provide guidance to the national network.

"The 2015 board has done a great job, delivering on a number of key initiatives for NAAP, and has set us up for success in 2016. We thank them all for their hard work and dedication to NAAP. We have a great board for 2016, full of dedicated and talented individuals and we look forward to building on their great work to carry NAAP even further as we develop the premier Arab-American network” remarked newly elected President, Tarek Abu-Jbarah.

Join us in congratulating the 2016 NAAP National Board of Directors:

  • President: Tarek Abu-Jbarah (MA)
  • Vice President: Shaymaa El-Ansary (NY)
  • Treasurer: Emery Younes (CA)
  • Secretary: Safia Ghanim (MD)
  • Board Member: Sarab Al-Jijakli (NY)
  • Board Member: Joanna Beituni (VA)
  • Board Member: Ridah Sabouni (VA)
  • Board Member: Said Durrah (DC)

To contact the National Board, please e-mail us or connect with us on Facebook.

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