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"Our nation of immigrants must do more to help mitigate the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time."  from NAAP President Sarab Al-Jijakli's Op-Ed in The Guardian

Many of you are asking of ways to support the masses of refugees escaping the onslaught in Syria.
Here are 3 small steps to take that can make a difference!

  1. Attend a Rally! There are impromptu solidarity #WelcomeRefugees vigils & rallies being held around country. Here are a few: NYC, Boston (09/09) and (09/19), DC, Houston, Albany, with more popping up daily!
  2. Make a donation! it’s the easiest and most direct thing you can do. There are many US based non-profits doing amazing work (see below for a few) – Consider a repeat donation to support ongoing work. Every dollar will help!
    • IR USA provides food, housing and medical supplies inside Syria in addition to Lebanon and Jordan. They have just launched an emergency appeal for refugees in Europe
    • Karam Foundation supports refugees along the Turkish border and the displaced inside Syria focused on youth and sustainable aid
    • PCRF is helping refugee kids in Jordan get life saving needed surgeries
  3. Sign the White House Petition! Despite the scale of the catastrophe, the US has only resettled 1,500 refugees (most in the past year). Resettlement experts like the IRC are recommending 65,000 for the coming year - support this petition; tens of thousands have already!  While you are at it, let your elected officials know too!

Three steps to make a difference! Take action today!

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