NAAP Revokes Charter of Orange County Chapter (NAAP-OC)

//NAAP Revokes Charter of Orange County Chapter (NAAP-OC)

NAAP Revokes Charter of Orange County Chapter (NAAP-OC)

Hello NAAP-OC members,
Over the past 2 years, NAAP has undertaken the formation of a more centralized NAAP national entity to better manage, connect and channel the wealth of resources/talent across our national network, and to provide tangible and practical support to the local chapters.

With this being said, the OC chapter leadership has had a strategic difference in opinion and has chosen the path to seperate from NAAP.

Therefore, through a unanimous vote of the NAAP National Assembly (national entity representing all NAAP chapters), the NAAP-OC charter has been revoked resulting in the elimination of NAAP-OC as a formal NAAP chapter.

As members, you have been critical to the success of the former NAAP chapter in the OC area. We value your participation and passion and are committed to a NAAP presence in Southern California.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Thank you,

NAAP-National Board

On behalf of the NAAP National Assembly.

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