NAAP Launches “Arab-American Networks”!

//NAAP Launches “Arab-American Networks”!

NAAP Launches “Arab-American Networks”!

NAAP is pleased to announce the launch of its latest national initiative, the “Arab-American Networks” to connect to communities around the country!

Initially launching across select areas as a pilot initiative, the program aims to build on the momentum of the past decade, and establish a NAAP presence throughout the country, beyond existing NAAP chapters, through the creation of local virtual hubs for Arab-American community life – a place where people can connect, share resources, and promote locally relevant topics and activities.

Elaine Asal, National Board Vice President, explained why the locations were selected, “The areas selected for the initial launch: Austin, Dallas, Tampa, Orlando, North Carolina and Seattle, all have sizable communities but no formal NAAP presence. We want to complement existing community structures and help Arab-Americans connect to the national network in an organic and relevant way.”

The “Arab-American Networks” utilize Facebook groups as the virtual platform to connect people:

North Carolina

As the program develops, we hope to expand it to other cities and locations across the country. Think an area needs an “Arab-American Network”? Let us know!

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