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Arab American Mentorship Program!

The NAAP Arab-American Mentorship Program (AAMP) is a program designed to provide one-on-one guidance to undergraduate Arab and Arab-American students in the United States. The program is currently in its pilot stage, accepting applicants in the NYC/NJ area. It is set to expand across the United States to become the nation’s first ever national mentorship program for Arab-Americans.

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Mentorship is a rewarding experience for both the mentor and mentee! Apply today and read more in our FAQ below!

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This program will be a free resource to the community, which means that our only source of funding to run this program is your contribution!

Program FAQs

Why a specifically Arab-American focused Mentor Program?

The challenges that face young Arabs in the United States are unique and are best addressed by others who have experienced and overcome the same challenges and are therefore more well-suited to guide students through them.

  • To fill the knowledge gap: Much of our community is made up of first generation immigrants, which means many do not have access to long-established networks to help guide us in this country. An older mentor can help fill that gap!
  • To cope with structural inequality: Our community is often subject to racism and heavy discrimination that puts us at a disadvantage compared to others. We need to build ourselves up as a strong community that help one another flourish despite what we face
  • From the community, for the community: Arabs have such rich culture with many nuances that makes it hard to work with mentors who do not understand them. Having a mentor from our community that understands the specific struggles of being an Arab student in America and has overcome them can provide the most holistic guidance for young students struggling to pull themselves up on their own.
  • We all need mentors: whether formally or informally in life. NAAP recognizes that while some individuals have the fortune and luck to find such opportunities naturally, the majority of us need to seek such help. We’re here to facilitate that!
  • It’s out mission! Our mission at NAAP is collective advancement, and we believe that a way to achieve this is by equipping our youth for success through high quality mentorship designed just for them!

How is the program structured?

Students who are accepted to the program will be matched with mentors in their field of interest whose availability matches theirs. Mentors must attend one training either in-person or online prior to the start of the program. Students will attend one in-person or online orientation session prior to the start of the program. Students and mentors are expected to maintain a minimum of biweekly contact (one face-to-face and one e-mail) for a minimum of a year. For maximum convenience, face-to-face meetings can be done virtually via Google Hangouts, though in person meetings re highly encouraged. Feedback forms are to be filled out after each meeting for review by the Mentorship Coordinator.

What other services will the program offer?

Participants in the program will have access to online training videos and resource sheets for common needs such a How Write a Resume, How to Write a Statement of Purpose, Guide to the GRE Exam, and more. Participants will also have access to NAAP networking events and orientation events.

How can I apply?

Students apply here.
Mentors apply here.

When is the application deadline?

Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. Students with a priority access code will be reviewed first. Priorirty for undergraduate students of Arab heritage (any of the 22 recognized Arab nations). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline for the first round applications is March 13, 2017. Students and mentors will be notified of their acceptance and orientation/training sign-up in early January.

Who is the Mentorship Coordinator?

Through a partnership with NNAAC – The National Network for Arab American Communities, we have our first ever full-time VISTA employee, Sarah Aly, dedicated to bringing our vision to life.
Sarah is a recent graduate from Brooklyn College. As a working-class first generation Arab-American and the eldest in her family, she understands and is living the struggle of maneuvering the American education system in pursuit of a graduate degree.
She is dedicated to creating a program that caters specifically to the needs of Arab-American youth and provides them the proper resources and guidance for whatever it is they plan to pursue – whether it is choosing a major, figuring our career options for that major, taking the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or even time management and getting over test anxiety. She hopes that this program will help uplift her peers, and guide them to reaching their fullest potential!

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