5 Steps for Gaza!

//5 Steps for Gaza!

5 Steps for Gaza!

NAAP condemns the ongoing onslaught of Israeli forces against the people of Gaza. The death toll has surpassed 200, with thousands injured in less than two weeks, supported in funding and rhetoric by the US government.

As Palestinians continue to suffer under the attacks, you are not helpless! Here are five small steps to build on the momentum already underway to show your support:

1. Attend a rally – everywhere across the country, impromptu vigils are being held to stand in solidarity & showcase public displays of support.

2. Make a donation – you have already exemplified generosity over the past weeks, however the need is still great. Whether $5 or $5k, make a contribution to Gazans in need – We’ve partnered with Islamic Relief USA who is on-the-ground to maximize effectiveness. UNRWA is also putting a call-out for donations to those in need!

3. Challenge Biased Reporting – Whether the local news or international news conglomerates, challenge their biased narratives directly on their Twitter handles & hashtags! Leverage the Institute for Middle Eastern Understanding (IMEU) as a great resource for accurate news and info.

4. Contact your Elected Officials – right now, many politicians (elected officials on all levels of government) are speaking on your behalf – inaccurately! Contact them & let them know that as a concerned citizen you demand that they call-out the murder, siege & collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

5. Leverage your Consumer Influence – build collective influence through Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). Learn more about the campaign led by Palestinian Civil society and jump on board!

5 steps that make a difference – today and tomorrow!

Thank you,

Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP)

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